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Hi! I’m Lydia Nicoll, owner of Natively and Lead Marketing Strategist.

My first love was customer service but I found my passion in content marketing. Mix in some experience in education, and I live to help others to create content and meaningful online engagement – I strive to not only help clients figure out what to do, but help them understand why.

My path has not been direct, but to get to where I am now, I spent the better part of ten years working in hospitality. While receiving a degree in persuasion and rhetorical communications from Northeastern University, I tried my hand at marketing, PR, and advocacy. But I learned the basics of public communications and sales as I waited tables, and spent weekends slinging drinks all around Boston, MA. I owe those thousands of hours spent on my feet, talking human to human, for most of my understanding of consumer needs and motivations.

When you interact with people on that level, you start to be able to read situations and emotions, and gain the ability to make predictions about behavior.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have spent time living abroad and traveling – a while in China and now in Sweden – and no matter where I go, there are ultimately a few things that most consumers want:

People want value, they want belonging, and they want to have a good experience.

A business can thrive on fulfilling two out of three, but knock it down to one and you could miss out on referral business and repeat customers. These are necessities; non-negotiables for a growing population.

But the problem is not that today’s companies aren’t offering enough. It’s more like companies struggle to articulate how they actually fulfill these wants and needs in a way that resonates with people. This in turn creates a divide between consumer perception and business reality.

I founded Natively as a way to help others bridge that gap. To help businesses show consumers how and why they can be relied upon to provide for all three necessities. And if your business doesn’t currently have the processes in place to fulfill these needs, a comprehensive marketing strategy can get you there.

I’d like to help you next. Let’s talk.


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