Natively was born from the need for businesses to adapt to the changing demands of the consumer landscape we see today.

It might seem obvious, but the nuances and layers of business and startup marketing go far beyond technology and simple self-promotion.

As a digital native, founder Lydia Nicoll understands that on one hand, today’s consumers, especially of younger generations, are smarter and savvier than ever. Gimmicks and tricks and clickbait are a faster way to lose potential customers than to actually gain them – making it more imperative than ever for companies to level with their audiences. Digital natives, or those who were raised in the computer and internet era, are quickly growing in purchasing power, making them a demographic that can’t be ignored.

Understanding where to reach your potential customers, how to reach them, and how to speak their language is easier when you have an inside perspective.

In another way, marketing should be an extension of a company’s personality. Meaning, it should be genuine, natural, transparent, and inherent in all that your company does.

Consumers are looking to make connections to brands, and businesses want to work with other businesses that share their goals and values; who speak to them in ways they understand and can reciprocate.

Lastly, marketing should operate smoothly as one working part of a fully functioning business. It doesn’t work alone, and consistency amongst all aspects of a company are crucial for the efficacy of marketing efforts.

In that way, marketing should operate like a native program. It should be a part of your system, quietly running in the background at all times.

It’s these concepts that led to the creation of Natively, and it’s what we strive for in all that we do. Click the links below if you want to learn more about the actual humans behind the operation, and how we got here.

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Founder, Lydia Nicoll